To call Marjorie a wedding planner is an understatement. She’s more like a friend. A friend that genuinely cares about you and your special day. A friend that knows her stuff and is ON IT. That was our experience working with her. She was a friend that never stopped working for us! As busy working professionals, this meant a lot to us. It felt kind of magical. We’d be grinding away 9-5, and in the background Marjorie and her team were crushing through every single detail. Details we couldn’t even think of. Firing away emails to vendors morning and night. She’d take note of things like: “grab apartment keys from Mom after the ceremony to pick up the puppy.” Every single detail, noted and executed on! Her magical way of working led to a perfect and magical wedding day! We could not give her and the entire 329 team (shout-out Jenn & Darin!) a stronger recommendation!